Here’s a new Boob Fairy tutorial, about taking a pic of your GirlFriend and saving it.












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SafeAfter making the Girlfriend tutorial here http://vavavoomgames.com/the-boob-fairy-tutorials-how-to-get-a-girlfriend/ some of you asked how to get the Pink Diamonds required to get a Girlfriend in the Boob Fairy game.

Instead of answering in your comments over there, here’s a new tutorial, explaining how to get the Diamonds!


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At long last, the Girlfriend feature I had promised is ready!

Here’s a Tutorial explaining what’s going on. If you find it helpful, I’m making more like this.

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Hi everybody!

As promised, I’m starting handing out code snippets of the Boob Fairy Game, for other developers to use.

I think that’s fair enough, since I found these snippets elsewhere, in other people’s tutorials and tweaked them for my own purposes.

I work with Adobe Flash CS, so everything is in ActionScript 3.

If you’re not interested in Flash development, feel free to wander away now, before you get bored to death with what comes next.



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Customize Your FairyHi, it’s me again!  
After talking about myself and bore you to death, it’s time to begin explaining some things about the Boob Fairy game. I was preparing for a quick synopsis of the game at first, but then I thought it would be better not to be lazy and explain things a bit more.


I’m also going to explain the more ‘technical’ stuff in later posts, like giving away code snippets for every important thing that takes place in the game, since I found them elsewhere myself. I hope somebody like me would find it helpful. 


SexMachineAt last, I decided to upload somewhere my first adult app for people to see!
I hesitated at first, even though I had launched another, non-adult app in the Google Play Store in the winter (as a test and with poor results…). I wasn’t sure about the Google Play Store’s current policy about adult Apps, so I looked somewhere else.
Found the Mikandi Store at mikandi.com which specializes in adult apps. If you’re not familiar with it, I suggest you have a look there. Lots of interesting stuff, both free and paid.
Anyway, the application is called VavavOOm: Sex Machine (Free Version)
and is located here: http://mikandi.com/app/8399

BraFittingGod, I totally suck at writing!!!
That  could be because English is not my native language. But I suck at my language, too. It’s an international thing :D
But this doesn’t mean that I won’t try to share my thoughts with you. Well, here we go:


Hi! My name is… oh, wait, wait, stop!
It’s not right to share my real name here. Not that I’m being paranoid or anything, but somebody from my tiny country and my tiny city could end up here and read this and identify me and make fun of me in real life and end up losing my job and dying from hunger… So, let’s go from the beginning:


Hi! My name is VavavOOm guy! I’m from Greece, 32 and married. I studied Animation in the UK and having a 9 to 5 job in the print media back to my birthplace. Actually, it’s not a 9 to 5 job, I work at night, but who cares…
I like Flash animation and boobs! Ever since I started working with Flash, back in 2001, I wanted to make an interactive game with a girl that you grow her boobs, undress her and play with her.





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