The Boob Fairy Myth

Customize Your FairyHi, it’s me again!  
After talking about myself and bore you to death, it’s time to begin explaining some things about the Boob Fairy game. I was preparing for a quick synopsis of the game at first, but then I thought it would be better not to be lazy and explain things a bit more.


I’m also going to explain the more ‘technical’ stuff in later posts, like giving away code snippets for every important thing that takes place in the game, since I found them elsewhere myself. I hope somebody like me would find it helpful. 









CityWell, the game takes place in a city. I didn’t give it a name like Boobsville, Titty City or something like that, so you can pretend it’s your place and kind of relate to it a bit yourself, hoping that these things might happen in reality. I mean, who wouldn’t like to interact with busty ladies everywhere he goes? I know I would! 


Actually, I do. The city I live happens to have the most busty women in my country. Every day I see beautiful human cows everywhere. All time. Tons of them! This is both a blessing and a curse. Fellow drivers would understand. It’s hard to drive in such a city, when you get distracted by huge mellons every 10 seconds… U mad, bro…?


If you’re interested, you’re invited to visit, but only on foot, to avoid accidents. Of course, I’m not going to tell you where exactly it is, it’s going to be a secret, like the whereabouts of the Smurf Village.








Anyway, back to the game. This city has a secret behind the girls’ incredible bust size. It’s built next to a forest that is inhabited by the legendary Boob Fairies. 


I know that every story teller has a different point of view. Here’s mine: Boob Fairies are mythical creatures that have been living in the woods since ancient times. They are creatures of tremendous lust and spend all day and night playing with each other. I couldn’t think of any good male partners for them, like male Fairies or Elves, so they just have girl-on-girl action with each other. If they crave for male companionship, they can transform into real women and try to find a local man to spend the night with. After getting what they want, they can turn back into Fairies.




The thing that makes Boob Fairies so special, though, is that they can produce Magic Milk, straight from their round firm titties. Every time they drink milk, their titties get hard and swollen, causing them to produce their own enchanted breast milk. Their growth rate can become so huge, that their udders sometimes end up way bigger than the Fairy itself! 


The growth makes the Boob Fairies very horny and in urgent need of milking. If a normal woman drinks or even touches that milk, VA-VA-VOOM! Her bust starts getting bigger and bigger, depending on the amount of the magic milk she encounters. That could cause the woman to balloon up to huge proportions! 


But that’s not all about it…

The Boob Fairies, despite their names, can also cause a woman to have bigger Butt or bigger Belly. Or even a combination of Boobs, Butt and Belly.




But life is not all that dreamy in the Boob Fairy universe…

There are more mythical creatures roaming the woods, not as pretty as the Boob Fairies. These are the sex-hungry Satyrs. Satyrs were actual mythological creaturs. They were something like sex deities representing Nature’s fertility. They were short, ugly as hell and always chasing the beautiful Nymphs of the woods trying to get laid. You can google it, stories about them are hilarious and worth reading…


Satyrs in the Boob Fairy game are interested in girls with big tits, or big butt or at least with a big, round, soft belly. But they don’t say no to the occasional well-endowed Boob Fairy that gets on their way. You could say that they think big!






 VavavOOm Pg01 copy VavavOOm Pg02a

Many years ago, I started working on a Boob Fairy comic. The story was about three girls with extraordinary powers. They cound increase their busts and lactate by drinking milk, or by getting very horny. Guess what! They were getting horny easily, everything they did was arousing them, with milky and messy results!


They were living and working alltogether in a very old gas station – store in the middle of nowhere, along with Paploman, an old hippy guy who was totally unaware of their mischief. Paploman found them in the woods with no memory of their past and offered them shelter and a job in his home.



As you probably guessed, the girls were Boob Fairies that turned into human and lost their memory, due to a spell cast by the bad girl. The bad girl was a busty brunette witch/alchemist/whatever who commanded an army of Satyrs, secretly stalking the girls and trying to steal their magic boob nectar.


I thought that I had lost the (just penciled) pages with the origin story back in 2003 along with some other drawings, but now I remembered that I have them stashed somewhere in my parent’s house. I’ll try to snatch them back, scan them and post them here as soon as possible.


Last year I had made an attempt of remaking the comic, I almost made 3 pages and I quit. I thought that it was not worth my time drawing a comic that somebody would just read once and then forget about it. I prefer making interactive stuff, like these games.


VavavOOm Pg001  VavavOOm Pg002

VavavOOm Pg003


But, after adding more important stuff in the Boob Fairy game, I promise to make a ‘Story Mode’, including the story I mentioned before.


That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

I believe you got an idea on what I’m up to. Hope you like it so far…


The VavavOOm Guy


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